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Downloading an article for sharing my hi-fi tweaks and endeavors

Hi, Guys,
Regrets, free download for this document is no longer available.
Best wishes,
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Aluminum PCBs

You may also read my blog which I put a few things about aluminum PCBs that can help improve your system at the paths below:
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Shielding up the earphone cable of your mobile phone

I have shielded the earphone cable for my mobile phone, then replaying MP3 pro music feels like live, almost every detail of spatial information, vibration, etc. By doing so, it also reduces the RF Radiation from your mobile phone which may directly get to your body.
You also download FreeShield wallpaper for your mobile phone and your PC at the link below:
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***To reduce EMF stress to your PC & yourself

You may go to the link below for some free software Metatron Global Peace Program to help reduce EMF stress to yourself and your PC which also enhances the PC system working in a better condition.
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Another Alien’s Planet out there

Another alien creature would like to share his planet with you guys. Please come and take a look.
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EMI Noise Filter

EMI noise filter does good to any electronic components such as CD/DVD player, D/A converter, Buffer, Pre-amplifier, Power Amplifier, PC, etc., it gets real good sound improvement. For every component I’ll make in the future, I would apply this device at the power section. This device also does real good to recorder and mixer too especially for sound engineering which somehow reduces coloration.

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